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Global Product Integrators FZC ( GPI FZC), located at SAIF Zone, Sharjah, U.A.E has been founded by an entrepreneur with Post Graduate qualifications in Management Studies from Mumbai University and Shipping & Export Management from National Institute of Shipping & International Trade, Vizag. He has experience of over thirty five years gained along the way working in various industries ranging from Material handling systems, Pharmaceutical equipment, Building materials, Industrial supplies, Packaging materials, Household consumables and International trade.

The founder's entrepreneurial activities started in 2005 when he established a trading company in SAIF Zone in partnership with two others dealing in Packaging materials and Industrial supplies . In March 2016, he established his own company “Global Product Integrators FZC” to diversify into Petroleum based products like Base Oil, White Spirit, Furnace Oil, Bitumen, Lubricants and Grease in addition to the already established trading activities.

GPI FZC now also has available, facility for the manufacture of Industrial Lubricants and grease at Ajman Industrial Area, UAE. Production and Quality control are under the able supervision of a Chemical Engineer having more than fifteen years of experience in this field. We make available our Petroleum based products in various pack sizes including in Cans, Drums and Flexibags.

Global Product Integrators FZC was established to serve the needs of our global customers and in keeping with our vision of staying abreast in the modern business scenario, making use of sophisticated marketing tools and digital technology. GPI FZC is also licensed to Trade in Household items, Industrial Chemicals, Foodstuff and other consumables. GPI FZC will be sourcing from Manufacturers and Wholesalers who are reputed in their country of origin, to provide the best quality products at prices affordable to all.

Petroleum Distillates

Base Oil

Base oil is obtained by the distillation and refining of Crude oil. There are five groups of Base oils which are specified by their Saturate level, Sulphur level and Viscosity Index. Group I,II,III are Mineral based while Group IV and V are Synthetic. Group I Base oil has less than 90% Saturates, greater than 0.03 % Sulphur and Viscosity Index of 80-120. Group II has more than 90% Saturates, less than 0.03% Sulphur and Viscosity Index of 80-120 while Group III has greater than 90% Saturates, less than 0.03% Sulphur and Viscosity Index above 120. These are purer than Group I and II and more commonly used. Group IV Base oils are Polyalphaolefins (PAO) Synthetic having a wide temperature range and suitable for use in extreme cold condition and in applications where high heat is generated. Group V are all other Base oils like Esters, Silicone, Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) etc. which are normally mixed with other base stocks to improve or enhance the oils’ properties. Base oil is used in the manufacture of various grade of motor oil, greases and metal processing fluids. We are in a position to offer SN 150, SN300 and SN 500. 19-20 MT can be loaded in Flexibags to be shipped in a 20' container.

White Spirit

White Spirit is a Petroleum distillate with Density 790kg/cbm and Boiling point of 130 degrees C. It is also known as mineral turpentine, turpentine substitute, Stoddard solvent, petroleum spirits or paint thinner. It is a clear transparent liquid used as a common organic solvent in painting and decorating. It is also used as an extraction solvent, as a cleaning solvent, as a degreasing solvent and as solvents on aerosols, wood preservatives, lacquers, varnishes and asphalt products. Mineral turpentine is chemically very different from turpentine. Artists use mineral spirits as an alternative to turpentine since it is less flammable and less toxic. Mineral spirits have an unpleasant kerosene like odour. Mineral turpentine which have a very low odour are also known as Low aromatic white spirit (LAWS). Odourless mineral spirits are mineral spirits that have been further refined to remove toxic aromatic compounds and are used in applications like oil paintings where humans are required to have more contacts with the solvents. White spirit is normally shipped in bulk containers or steel drums. One tank can deliver 24,000 ltrs in a 20’ container. Standard steel drums are normally of 160 kgs or of 200 ltrs capacity and one 20’ container can load 12.8 tons of White spirit.

Furnace Oil

Furnance Oil is also known as Fuel oil, Heavy Oil, Marine oil or Bunker fuel. It is a dark viscous residual fuel obtained from petroleum distillation either as a distillate or a residue. It is the cheapest petroleum fuel available giving most heat per litre. It is burned in furnace or boiler for generation of heat or used in engines for the generation of power. Thus it is primarily used for steam boilers in power plants, aboard ships and in industrial plants. Furnace oil is usually blended with other petroleum fractions to produce the desired viscosity and flash point. It has a typical calorific value of 10,000 cal/gm. It is pre-heated to 55 degrees C onwards, depending on its application. The flow increases with temperature and improves the combustion. Viscosity is an important factor in Furnace oil as it influences the degree of pre-heat required for handling, storage and atomization. If the oil is too viscous, it will become difficult to pump, burner may become hard to light and operation would be erratic. Furnace oil falls in Class ‘C’ category with minimum flash point standard of 66 degrees C. Furnace oil can also be shipped in both flexi bags or steel drums.


Bitumen also known as Tar is a sticky, black, highly viscous liquid or a semi-solid form of petroleum. It may be found in natural deposits like those found as deposits in Red Sea or may be a refined product obtained through distillation of crude oil. It has waterproofing and adhesive properties. Bitumen production through distillation removes lighter crude oil components, such as gasoline and diesel, leaving the heavier Bitumen behind. The primary use of Bitumen is in road construction where it is used as the glue or binder mixed with aggregate particles to create asphalt concrete. Its other main uses are for production of bituminous waterproofing products including production of roofing felt and for sealing flat roofs. We can offer Bitumen in penetration grades of 40/50, 60/70 and 80/100 and can be made available in steel drums of 160-180 Kg of Bitumen or in 1 MT Polybags.

Lubricants & Grease


These are high performance shear stable Multigrade Engine oils recommended for use in Passenger car and Light commercial vehicles designed to perform under all working conditions. It provides complete Engine protection from heat stress and deposits. It is long lasting thereby increasing the oil change intervals and thus reducing maintenance cost.

SAE GRADES : SAE-30,40,50,60 & 70.
MULTIGRADES : 10W40,15W40,20W40,20W60,20W70.


Full synthetic oils are blended from a combination of high tech synthetic base oils and high performance additives. They are used for all kinds of modern cars having high performance engines. They are thermally stable, extremely resistant to oxidation and help in prolonging the engine life.

SAE GRADES : 0W20,0W30,0W40,5W30,5W40,10W30,10W40


These are formulated from a blend of mineral oil and synthetic oil to meet the high performance requirements of latest models of cars and trucks. It provides high protection against engine wear with minimum deposit occurrence and improved fuel economy.

SAE GRADES : 10W30, 10W40 & 15W40


Our high quality Diesel engine oil are specially formulated using OEM approved additives for use in Heavy duty engines to meet exhaust emission standards and to allow prolonged intervals between oil changes. It is suitable for lubrication of all four stroke diesel engines even when working in severe conditions. It prevents sludge build up, corrosion and offers protection against oil thickening and high temperatures.


We have formulated our Hydraulic oils for use in high performance hydraulic equipment. It has special anti wear additives which prevents rust formation and oxidation of pumps and motors in high performance Hydraulic systems. Addition of an effective dispersant keeps the close tolerance valves clean and freely operating for maximum efficiency.

ISO GRADES : 22/32/46/68/100/150/220


Our Compressor oil is a combination of selected base oils and additives for efficiently lubricating compressor cylinder and crank case of modern reciprocating compressors. It enhances wear protection even at high discharge temperatures and also minimizes carbon formation on piston rings and exhaust valves.


ATF is a blend of highly refined base fluid and additives to provide optimum performance in automatic transmission which require the frictional characteristics, resistant to oxidation, thermal stability, corrosion inhibition and viscosity characteristics of Dexron II and Dexron III fluids. It provides excellent performance in commercial automatic or power shift transmission.



2T Oil is made from a highly refined paraffin base stock and additive package formulated to meet the requirement of high speed two stroke engines. It is an ashless lubricating oil specially formulated to minimize deposits, spark plug fouling, prevent rusting and control wear. Suitable for use in chain saws, lawn movers, motorcycles and all types of outboard engines.



A compounded oil that emulsifies with water. It is used primarily as a cooling agent and lubricant in cutting and grinding operations. It functions as a rust preventive agent and has excellent metal weeing ability. This property helps to improve cutting operations. It emulsifies spontaneously in hard or soft water. The emulsion is stable with no scum or oil separation. Recommended ratio, 20 parts of water to 1 part of oil.


A premium quality product for use in hydraulic brake and clutch systems of all passenger cars, trucks, tractors, buses and heavy duty vehicles where the manufacturer recommends DOT-3 & DOT-4 brake fluids. They offer protection against corrosion and rust even in presence of moisture.



GENERAL PURPOSE CALCIUM GREASE are made from refined mineral base stock blended with calcium soap and suitable additives. It is used in automative applications such as wheel bearings, chasis points, universal joints and springs where speed and load are moderate and operating temperature is less than 100 degrees C.
MULTIPURPOSE LITHIUM GREASE is an extreme pressure Grease suitable for all Industrial applications. It contains corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, an extreme pressure additive, a leak reducing component and anti wear agent. It is recommended for bearings at high temperatures, pumps easily and may be applied with conventional lubricating equipment and is also ideal for centralized grease systems.